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Mistaking Lightning for the Sun - Rumi

By love what is bitter becomes sweet,
bits of copper turn to gold.
By love the dregs are made clear,
and pain begins to heal.
By love the dead come alive,
and a king becomes a slave.
This love, moreover, is the fruit of knowledge;
no fool will ever sit on the throne of love.
When did a lack of knowledge
ever give birth to this love?
No, ignorance only falls in love
with what is lifeless.
It thinks it sees in something lifeless
the appearance of the one it desires,
as if it heard the beloved whistle.
A lack of knowledge cannot discern;
it mistakes a flash of lightning for the sun.
Lightning is transient and faithless;
without clearness you will not know
the transient from the permanent.
Why is lightning said to laugh?
It is laughing at whoever
sets his heart upon its light.
The lights of the sky are feeble;
they are not like that light which is neither
of the East nor the West.
Regard that lightning as something which
taketh away the sight,
and regard the eternal light as a Helper.
To ride your horse on the foam of the sea,
to read your letter by the flash of lightning
is to fail, because of desire,
to see the end result.
It is to laugh
at your own mind and intelligence.
Intelligence, by its nature, sees the end;
it is your animal side that cannot see the end.
Intellignece overwhelmed by the flesh
becomes flesh; Jupiter checkmated by Saturn
turns inauspicious.
Yet turn your gaze toward this bad luck,
and see the One that brought it to you.
Whoever witnesses this ebb and flow
penetrates from bad luck to good.
God continually turns you
from one state of feeling to another,
revealing truth by means of opposites...
So that you may have
the two wings of fear and hope;
for the bird with one wing is unable to fly...
This bodily world is deceptive,
except for one who has escaped desire.


I am burning
If anyone lacks tinder,
let him set his rubbish ablaze with my fire.

Animal Cookies

God gives the things of this earth
a certain color and variety and value,
causing childish folk to argue over it.

When a piece of dough is baked
in the shape of a camel or lion,
these children bite their fingers excitedly in their greed.

Both lion and camel turn to bread in the mouth,
but it's futile to tell this to children.

Whispers of Love

Love whispers in my ear,
"Better to be a prey than a hunter.
Make yourself My fool.
Stop trying to be the sun and become a speck!
Dwell at My door and be homeless.
Don't pretend to be a candle, be a moth,
so you may taste the savor of Life
and know the power hidden in serving."