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Rip them down hold them up
Tell them that I’m your gun
Pull my trigger I am bigger than…

Mr. Prez in his big white house

Listen he says we’re coming out
Infiltration – we’re numbing your minds
Concentration – we’ve done time

Over there the queen she says
Let’s stamp them out and dry those tears
Saturation – we want it in taxes

Flagellation – we’ve got gashes

In the cold, the czar’s claimin’
Just protectin’ rockets aimin’
Alteration – the Earth is changin’
Observation – we want action
I the Emperor proclaim
Us the masters we rule this game
Inclination – somethin to dream on
Deprivation – we are sons

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Lexicon Devil

I’m a lexicon devil with a battered brain
And I’m lookin for a future– the world’s my aim

So gimme gimme your hands
gimme gimme your minds
Gimme gimme your hands
gimme gimme your minds
Gimme gimme this
gimme gimme that

I want toy tin soldiers that can push and shove
I want gunboy rovers that’ll wreck this club
I’ll build you up and level your heads
We’ll run it my way cold men and politics dead

I’ll give you silver guns to drip old blood
Let’s give this established joke a shove

We’re gonna wreak havoc on this rancid mill
I’m searchin for somethin even if I’m killed

Empty out your pockets
you don’t need their change
I’m giving you the power to rearrange
Together we’ll run it to the highest prop

Tear it down and let it drop… away…

Daniel Shams of Heliotricity

No God

I’ve read every book in the Bible Story
And all it ever brought me was another worry
Don’t want God, give me a jury
See – there’s no God to make up my mind

No God givin me time

I peered in every window where I saw a cross
But I could never see just what they saw
In that piece of plaster on the wall
See – there’s no God to fear
No God to hear your cries

I’d pray to anything out there
If only I was given some sign to bear
But while I wait I’m gonna live
See – there’s no God to watch over me
No God for human beings

When I was small I obeyed his every word

Handed down to me by some thoughtful blur
But now I am as big as he
See – no God bigger than I
No God frightening me

In my image I made he him and I gave him life
So he burned me, the creature has risen and I

Think you can see just what it is that’s drivin
Me around round

We are the church we are good
and we’ve got your millions
God knows we should

Darby Crash Germs Lyrics and Poetry


I came into this world like a puzzled panther
Wanting to be caged
But something stood in the way
I was never quite tamed

I crossed the paths of right and wrong
And saw them take their toll
I saw armies that marched
And like animals they crawled

Evolution is a process too slow
To save my soul

But I’ve got this creature on my back
And it just won’t let go
If I am only an animal
Then I can do no wrong
But they say I’m something better
So I’ve gotta hold on

Communist Eyes

I’m looking through Communist eyes
I’m seeing planes in bloodshot skies
I see the flag of a working people
Who conceal the lies in the stars and sickle

It’s a double edge

Communist eyes – c’mon inside
I can’t ever find the way out
Communist eyes – lost inside
I never get a day out

I’m looking through communist eyes

All I see is an old man’s alibi
There’s a world outside but I’m unaware
I open my books but the pages stare
It’s a double edge

Communist eyes – all so blind
I can’t even play the game now

I’m living through Communist times
I wave my flag and hold my head high
I can feel the glory of my comrades in masses
But I’m waiting for the day
when this madness passes
It’s a double edge

Land of Treason

Land of treason – waste no reason
we are breathing fire
We’re packs of dogs – we’re enemies of men
we are not desired
Our faces show – we’ve grown cold

but have not conspired
Old hearts gone – the suture’s on
mother nations mired
I like a receptacle for the chosen dead
we find our bodies clawed
And with the scent of death, we find that

we are not so very awed

Loyalties burned- the words are blurred
overturn your own
Walk the dogs and watch the doors
have your other stone
Stop the toys that march disordered

calculate the thrones
Feel the pulse descending
decaying hallowed tomes
In the starving sense you worship
the nations of debris
You wear a cost of sewage

that you’ve never even seen

The time is now- the vicious here
a stolen dinner code
The licence of the savage land
that you’ve always sold
So bite the hand that needs you

and bless another coal
The virus never issues
from a cotton so very old
As the lights come down and the guilty blaze;
another sort of road
You wash your hands and start to climb

the ladder that you stole

Slip the latch- and spin the sword
the money lords are poor
Push the tank- that rolls downhill
their sense of doom absorbed
Still the cat that breaks the night

tie him to the core
Chase the virtue that believes
that what’s right is scored
It’s a senseless cash in of right for right
what’s wrong is never gone
And left is just a bastion

for the fools golden dawn

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American Leather

Looking for a way out
I put my foot out of line
Really like to break-out
I feel so confined

American leather
The poinsous members
Not alone-not together
Their American leather

Saw you on a dark road
Brought myself along

Got a sense of conflict
But I know what’s wrong

I know that kinda feeling
So I built my place up high
But you’ll never find me kneeling
Cause I’m too occupied

Sex Boy

I take it anywhere, any time that I can
I’m the fucking son of a superman
I got a weapon that’s as deadly as life
It’s a well trained tool of a master guy

Every day it’s the same regime

A dozen boys are on my scene
Say sex boy will you come into my hand
They’re all on the floor, I better do what I can
Take a number, it’s supply and demand
Any time that I can

I put my knife into your gut

You gotta be above when you wanna make love
Say it exactly, sex boy, such a sideshow poster
After such a sweet sweet slut
Any time that I can

I’m the fucking son of a superman
I know what it takes

What in the time I can and can’t do
I know what it takes to satisfy you
I know what it takes
That’s why your time is due
in the house of fortune
I take it out and you know

it’s gonna come from behind
Just like you, and you, and you, and you

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Untitled (1975)

Astrio was from a planet blue
He spoke of love for me and you
He could set your mind ablaze
With sparkling eyes and visionary care
He stood like a remnant from an outbreak past
Wore a ring in his ear and boy was he fast
Had hair like a rocket’s nest

But when he cheered he gave his best

He made a noise that stirred our souls
Got us moving out of control
When Astrio moved he changed our tunes
Then filled his arms with needles bare
Shot him up and cut his hair
Tied him to an evil plot
Told the kids that he was not
their man

He gave us life and dealt us love
Sold us out for the great above
He was
On a starry night in mid-December
Astrio cried you might remember

Live it to the end
Share it with a friend
Deny me not
Cause now you’re caught

I’ll be with you in the thought

at the Whiskey 1977, the Starwood 1980, Interview with Rodney Dickweednheimer 1979 and the full Decline of Western Civilization section with the reckless kweeds in it.

Daniel Shams of Heliotricity

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