Diego Del Gastor Flamenco

Diego Del Gastor’s incredibly personal and soulful style has often been criticized by players who prefer virtuosity, speed and complexity over expression, soul and inspiration. The fact that an entire school or style of playing can be traced back to him is only one indication of what a unique and imaginative player he was. One area in which Diego particularly shone was in his talent and passion for accompanying singers and “el cante”. A true master of gypsy flamenco guitar, I have yet to hear a more pure and profound guitarist than Diego del Gastor. Olé tu Diego.

…Quítale al toque los adornos
las falsetas…,
los arpegios…,
los trémelos y las escalas,
desnuda la guitarra de filigranas
y si aún queda algo,
eso…, eso es lo jondo.

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Diego del Gastor guitarra Gitana

Diego del Gastor Morón Flamenco

Diego del Gastor Pepe Palomo flamenco

La guitarra de Diego del Gastor

Diego Del Gastor y Joselero de Morón - Alboreas

Joselero de Morón flamenco

Diego del Gastor accompanying Joselero

Diego del Gastor and Joselero 1968

Diego del Gastor Bulerias flamenco

Morón de la Frontera flamenco

Joselero y Diego del Gastor Alboreas

diego del gastor flamenco guitar

diego del gastor flamenco image

Diego del Gastor con Joselero

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