Photo tribute to the great Leslie 31H Tallboy speaker. These were among the first Leslies designed, following the 30C, 30A and 31A I believe. Often said to resemble an upright coffin, with its massive size and unique design no other Leslie sounds like these. If you have one of these in your basement and want to get rid of it, feel free to contact me!

31H speaker image

vintage Leslie speaker graphic

vintage Leslie speaker image

john hammond graphic

john hammond image

flamenco michigan graphic

Magnavox Field Coil 15″ Woofer, these were used on early 30 and 31 models until it was replaced by the Jensen F15LL

flamenco michigan image

hammond B3 graphic

hammond B3 image

One of the later 31H models with the Jensen F15LL field coil woofer and the 30 watt Leslie 32H series III amp. For good reason some refer to 31H speakers with this amp and woofer combination as the “Holy Grail” of field coil speakers.

On a side note, if you are looking to purchase one of these and a seller claims the F15LL has been “upgraded” with a PM speaker, you now have the authority to flip them off, because there never has been and never will be an “upgrade” to that great speaker. Sellers doing this are only aiming to profit, hopefully off an unsuspecting buyers ignorance. Don Leslie knew this.

It is a known fact that the 31H is the best Leslie ever made and every model following it has been a compromise. This is not to say that there are no great soundings Leslie’s made after the 31H, on the contrary there are many wonderful models, even some solid state models at times almost sound good. But again, they pale in comparison to the greatest model ever.

field coil speaker graphic

Earlier Type II amplifier and probably the Jensen Hypex treble driver under the plastic horn

field coil speaker image

doppler effect image

doppler effect graphic

30A organ speaker image

30A organ speaker graphic

Leslie hammond image

leslie hammond graphic

tone cabinet image

Later serial number with the gold and black placard and “pipe voice of the electric organ” slogan

tone cabinet graphic

Earlier serial number, you can see it was called the “Leslie-Vibratone” in the early days

leslie 30C graphic

Leslie 30C image

Don leslie graphic

Rare blond finish, probably a refinish?

Don Leslie image

“Tower of power” setup with a pair of 31H leslies at a concert in Japan

31h speaker graphic

vintage crossover image

vintage crossover graphic

There is a place specially reserved in hell for people that do things like this to a 31H

church organ image

church organ graphic

free leslie speaker image

free leslie speaker graphic

jimmy smith image

jimmy smith graphic

like jeff buckley image

like jeff buckley graphic

daniel shams graphic

daniel shams image

gibson firebird graphic

Hammond BV and Leslie 31H

holy koran graphic

holy koran graphic

jesus bible image

heliotricity graphic

heliotricity image

gibson firebird image

Leslie 30A, predecessor to the Leslie 31 series speakers

alia al mahdy graphic

alia al mahdy image

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