“…I’m not out to please anybody, my rock n’ roll is not out to entertain but to annihilate…I’m trying to bring danger back into rock n’ roll and there are no limits, and no laws, and I’ll break down every barrier put in front of me ’till the day I die…” (from appearance on Geraldo.)

“I do my own thing…my mind is a machine gun, my body the bullets…the audience is the target…”

GG Allin Freaks CD

GG Allin and the Holy Men

GG Allin and the Holy Men back cover

GG Allin public animal one

GG live fast alternate sleeve

GG live fast homemade tape

GG Allin Always Was LP cover

GG Allin Always Was LP back cover

GG Allin Carolina SK cover

GG Allin Banned in boston CD

GG Allin and the Jabbers Banned

GG Allin for those who can take it

Aloha from Dallas GG

GG no room cover

GG eat my cover

GG emf cover

GG Allin hated in the nation tape

GG Allin tasteless animal noise

GG Allin 1982 jabbers flyer

GG Allin and SF EP

GG Allin album cover dead

GG Allin always was

GG Allin best of

GG Allin bleedin stinkin drinkin

GG Allin boozin and pranks

GG Allin carnival of excess

GG Allin doctrine of mayhem

GG Allin gas station video

GG Allin and Carolina SF poster

GG Allin and the jabbers

GG Allin bloodied

GG Allin downward spiral

GG Allin in America

GG Allin cassette tape

GG Allin war in my head

GG Allin war in my head two

GG Allin war in my head six

GG Allin gimme some head

GG Allin its not the money mission

GG Allin Kill thy father

GG Allin look into my eyes

GG Allin suicide sessions

GG Allin tasteless tape

GG Allin troubled troubadour

GG Allin up against the wall

GG Allin Funeral photo

GG Allin Open casket

GG Allin Funeral photos

GG Allin with enthusiastic fan

GG Allin vintage poster

Mr. Fisher – GG Allins High School Teacher (from where most of us are from…)
“…by city standards I think we’re slow, everything comes to this area after it has been well worked over in the urban environment, then it finally gets here, so you could say in that respect, to a degree, that we’re behind…in fashion and to an extent in culture…in culture…”


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“GG was pretty good I guess for a guy with a weiner the size of a peanut…”

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