Gumby Adventures - Richochet Pete
Gumby and Pokey Adventures – Richochet Pete. Vintage claymation cartoons.

Gumby - Haunted Hot Dog Vintage Claymation cartoon
Gumby Adventures – Haunted Hot Dog

Gumby - Prickle Turns Artist cartoon
Gumby – Prickle Turns Artist

Daniel Shams 1068x815

Gumby and Pokey in saloon

Gumby Prickle and Goo

Gumby Haunted Hot Dog episode

Gumby Richochet Pete cartoon

Richochet Pete from Gumby cartoon

Pokey and Gumby Wild West

Pokey with bullet holes in cowboy hat

Prickle turns artist Gumby episode

Heliotricity 1070x801

Pokey cartoon

Pokey and Gumby Wild West saloon

Gumby Goo claymation

Gumby Sheriff badge saloon

Gumby Prickle turns artist

ricochet pete graphic

ricochet pete image

haunted hot dog graphic

Gumby the end Clokey production

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