Johnny Winter with Randy Jo Hobbs 1984 Montreux - Johnny B Goode

Johnny Winter performing Johnny B Goode with Jon Paris on Bass and Bobby Turello on drums 1984 Montreux

A fan wrote:

“I saw Johnny Winter,
round this time 1984 when he was in “Tweed Head’s Gold Coast Australia”, in a very large hall, with waitresses serving beers while he played, in front of like only 150 people.

You could walk around the hall with a beer while he played in front of you, the sound, acoustics of the place was like an opera hall ,totally unbelievable experience, epi­c.

Johnny was awesome, he was almost heavy rock, best concert ever…”

Johnny Winter B. Goode 1984

Heliotricity bass

Randy Jo Hobbs Johnny Winter

Randy Jo Hobbs with Johnny Winter


JW blues guitar

Johnny Winter Rand Jo Hobbs

Heliotricity Randy Jo Hobbs

Johnny Winter and group

Johnny Winter Randy Jo Hobbs Rick Derringer

Johnny Winter Richard Hughes and Randy

johnny winter Lazer Guitar

Johnny Winter Gibson Firebird

Johnny Winter live 80's

Winter Firebird graphic

Johnny Winter blues guitar

Johnny Winter with Gibson Firebird

Heliotricity Daniel Shams

Johnny Winter with Randy Jo and group

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