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Larger files MAY take a moment to load, in fact the best thing to do is open up two or so at a time in separate windows so while you are listening to one the other is loading and is loaded when the one you are listening to is finished. Entiendes?


1. Ted, Just Admit It...

For the mosquitos. RARE Janes Addiction live drunk and vulgar 88 or 89 - Ted, just admit it. A friend gave me a copy of this tape years back, no info on it except "drunk and vulgar", I'm guessing it was winter 88 because of the songs they were playing and you can hear Perry complaining about the cold wherever it is that they are at. This version of Ted is hilarious with Perry Farrell introducing the group during the song introduction. Setting a fine example of how rock ought be conducted. Interesting show in general, a fucked up night playing to an unresponsive audience somewhere cold during the shocking tour.

2. Bobhaus and Pigs in Zen

Part Bauhaus part Bob Dylan song aptly entitled "Bobhaus" leading into the familiar Pigs...

3. Summertime Rolls

By Perry's inbetween song rants you can tell he was in unusually low spirits for some reason, complaining about the unresponsiveness of the audience, people sitting and watching the show, the bouncers beating people up, no way to know for sure what it was.

For whatever reason there is a general feeling of disfunction throughout the show which has always made me really like it, especially this version of summertime.

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Live in Chicago 11.25.88

1. Kettle Whistle

Very rare early version of Kettle Whistle, usually they opened their shows with "up the beach" but on this date for some reason they opened it with a tripped out rendition of what later was released as "Kettle Whistle". On the cassette it came off of it was just labeled "Beautiful". I like this version better than the studio. Incredible show, A lot of funny banter from Perry throughout this show "forgive my fucked-up-ness, I did not plan it this way...but as long as I can stand, then everything is ok...". Janes in their prime touring Nothings Shocking, also on this same tape is a really intense early version of "obvious" before they released it on ritual.

2. Obvious

You can see on the song listing whoever made the tape called it "you don't know me". A great version of the tune with Perry Farrell screaming it out at the top of his lungs.

3. Whores

4. Chip Away

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