A collection of the best album covers of all time
Handpicked by one of the most important art critics of this generation, none other than Wallace Blackie Gold. It goes without saying that Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy, Cream Israeli Gears, and a number of others were pretty good covers, so they weren’t included for that reason. Oh, and for any nitpicking album-cover-only-sniffing snivelers in the audience be forewarned there are a couple book covers and posters in here too.

diamanda galas sporting life album cover

Diamanda Galas John Paul Jones cover art

Replacements Let it Be album cover

Hendrix Axis Bold As love cover art full

Hendrix Axis Bold As love back cover art

Joy Division unknown pleasures album cover

lou reed transformer album cover

the stooges raw power album cover

the stooges raw power back cover

Stooges fun house 8 track cover art

the stooges fun house LP art

Iggy Pop lust for life 8 track art

sticky fingers warhol cover art

Patti Smith Horses LP cover

Patti Smith Horses live LP cover

Diamanda Galas Masque of the red death cover art

Heliotricity Daniel Shams

Posthumous Heliotricity cover art

leadbelly album cover art

Daniel Shams Chaos clouds the tongue cover

Heavy Metal 1981 tape cover

Johnny Thunders album cover

New York Dolls LP cover

Richard Hell Blank Generation album cover

John Cale Vintage Violence cover art

John Cale Vintage Violence inside cover art

Roxy Music cover art

Roxy Music inside cover art

Roxy Music inside cover art two

zappa hot rats image

Zappa autographing groupie

The Ruiners Nina Friday

GG live fast alternate sleeve

GG Allin Always Was LP cover

GG Allin Always Was LP back cover

“I do my own thing…my mind is a machine gun, my body the bullets…the audience is the target…” GG Allin.

GG Allin and SF EP

El Niño Miguel discos de vinilo

El Niño Miguel super hits cinta

El Niño Miguel el flamenco LP

Oum Kalthoum Rak El Habib tape cover

Heliotricity by Daniel Shams

Agujetas arte de flamenco

album cover art

Best album cover art

Agujetas Manuel cover arte

La Susi como tu disco

yolanda del rio graphic

Antonio Aguilar LP

Antonio Aguilar La voz del pueblo LP

Antonio Aguilar corridos LP

Chavela Vargas LP Lara Foster

Chavela Vargas 40 exitos

Lorde Tour Poster

Bo Diddley disc art

diddley daddy disc cover art

bob marley cover art

rancapino cover art

heliotricity image

prince jammy lp art

dub studio one cover art

DJ cover art

Manuel Agujetas Fragua Futura arte

heliotricity album cover art

bo diddley album cover art

albert ayler cover art

radiohead in rainbows cover art

joni mitchell hissing of summer lawns art

juan serrano LP cover art

juan torres ciclon arte

dub album cover art

king tubby album cover art

king tubby dub cd cover art

lenny dee down south album cover

tom waits graphic

wes montgomery image

Manuel Agujetas Arte

agujetas graphic

Manuel Agujetas arte disco

marocco image

Patti Smith Horses book cover

Vogue Gigi Hadid Cover Arabic

tommy stinson image

paul westerburg graphic

paul westerburg image

The Replacements Album cover

mats graphic

replacements image

phil manzanera image

Johnny Thunders concert posters

rhonda washington graphic

flamenco detroit image

silverio graphic

starsailor graphic

the strokes image

terremoto flamenco graphic

terremoto de jerez graphic

lorde billboard cover graphic

lorde rolling stone cover image

african art book cover

karl jung cover art

broadcast image

la lipuna image

richie hawtin image

spiritualized image

the orb image

laurent perrier vintage label art

dolores agujetas flamenco arte

Agujetas vinilo arte

Amina disc cover art

Daniel Shams’ Heliotricity Reviews

“GG was pretty good I guess for a guy with a weiner the size of a peanut…”