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 Night of Years
 Blinded by the Sun
 I Can See Venus

Scythes IV is the fourth full length recording by Daniel Shams. His voice, delivery and the depth of his poetry often draws comparisons to Tim Buckley. These extraordinary compositions were recorded after Daniel moved back to the states from an extended period of time living in Sevilla, Spain, having spent all of his money after a year immersed in the mysterious art of flamenco.

These would be the last songs he would record before devoting himself entirely to flamenco music for the next 10 years.

1. Night of Years
2. Black Doves
3. I Can See Venus
4. Hello Jonah
5. Only to Me
6. Apparition
7. Mt. Kilimanjaro
8. Blinded by the sun
9. Saleh
10. Ho Chi Minh City
11. Butterfly (written by L.Kravitz)

“The compositions on Scythes IV sparkle like raw gems in the profound darkness of an unyielding night…” Wallace Blackie Gold

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Daniel Shams’ Heliotricity Reviews

“Visionary and timeless music…from a unique and talented singer/songwriter at a crucial point in his continually unfolding artistic development…”