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 You are the Sunlight
 Saudi Arabian Sheikh
 Sealed In Blood
 Blinded by the Sun
 Children of the Tides

Blinded by the Sun is the third full length recording by Heliotricity. In contrast to the stark simplicity of Scythes IV, rich, layered compositions make up Blinded by the Sun. Vocal melodies and guitar textures are woven into a lush aural tapestry, the result is simply sublime. In Daniel’s voice one hears echoes of the late Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke and La Caita…

1. Saudi Arabian Sheikh
2. On the Eastern Road
3. Your are the Sunlight
4. Psalm of the Spheres
5. The Drivers
6. Scarlet
7. Children of the Tides Part I.
8. Children of the Tides Part II.
9. Fireflies
10. Sealed in Blood
11. Blinded by the Sun

“Visionary and timeless music…from a unique and talented singer/songwriter at a crucial point in his continually unfolding artistic development…”

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“So Beautiful!”

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