Vintage Uncle Scrooge McDuck No.13 and number 495 entire comics scanned directly from the Junior Woodchucks’ guidebook and reservoir of inexhaustible knowledge. Classic Dell comic by Walt Disney. Scroll down for Middle Eastern Arab Larkies, Harpies, Winged Ships, Golden Fleece, Golden Wool and bars of gold, incredible!

Uncle Scrooge image

Uncle Scrooge the golden fleecing

Jason and Medea comic

Vintage Dell comic

Dell comic McDuck #13

Dell comic graphic

No. 13 image

No. 13 graphic

Golden Fleece image

Golden Fleece graphic

wallace blackie gold image

wallace blackie gold graphic

Daniel Shams image

Daniel Shams graphic

Donald and Scrooge McDuck

1960s Dell Comic Donald Duck

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heliotricity graphic

Comic book from the 50's

Comic book from 1949

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Disney Comic graphic

Huey McDuck comic

Dewey McDuck comic

Lewey mcDuck

Donald Duck nephews comic

Huey Louis and Dewey comic

1949 Dell Comic Donald Duck

1948 McDuck comic Book

Scrooge McDuck comic book

Vintage Donald Duck comic book

Vintage Donald Duck Dell Comic

Uncle Scrooge McDuck Comic number 495, with the Beagle Boys, Donald Duck and Chisel McSue.
Sharks, sunken treasure on a boat, Jamaican Horseradish, phenomenal!

Uncle Scrooge McDuck comic

Uncle Scrooge McDuck No. 495

Dell Comic McDuck 1956

Dell Comics 1950s complete

Donald Duck 1956 Dell Comic

Vintage and Rare Dell Comic

No. 13 Scrooge McDuck comic

No. 13 Scrooge McDuck

Jason and the Golden Fleece Comic

Golden Fleece Jason Comic

heliotricity image

Heliotricity graphic

Daniel Shams image

Daniel Shams graphic

Beagle Boys Dell Comics

1950s Dell Comics complete

Rare 1960s Dell Comic

Dell Comics Donald Duck collectible

Vintage Comics scanned

Scanned Dell Comic Vintage McDuck

Scrooge McDuck #495

Vintage Animation

Walt Disney vintage and rare comic

Rare Walt Disney comic

Comics Walt Disney 1950s

1951 Dell Comic

1952 Donald Duck comic

Vintage 1953 Comic book

Classic Walt Disney Dell Comics

Beagle Boys Walt Disney

Donald Duck 1955

donald Duck 1956

Heliotricity Reviews

“Wak!!! I read this when I was kid, brings back great memories. Amazing, and thank you sir!”
Chisel McSue