Simpson_Sally1 is an Ebay Scammer!

Sally and Joe Simpson Roanoke, IN

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SELLERS BEWARE! “simpson_sally1” from Roanoke, IN file false Ebay claims to scam buyers. Joe and Sally Simpson bought a really nice speaker cabinet from my friend, kept it for 2 weeks, ruined it and then manipulated Ebay’s buyer protection program to get a full refund. It is amazing how easy it is for dishonest people like Sally and Joe who have practically no IQ to waste your time. DO NOT SELL TO THESE PEOPLE!

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“simpson_sally1” or the Ebay name that Joe and Sally Simpson from Roanoke, IN use bought the really nice cabinet with JBL D130 15" speakers pictured above and ruined it. They then instead of taking responsibility for their own actions decided to open a false claim against my friend. They opened two Ebay cases AND a chargeback case with their own credit card company. They lost the first Ebay case and the chargback case but then Ebay ruled in their favor and gave them a full refund leaving my friend with the bill! These people have no qualms about lying and wasting your time, Ebay’s time or credit card companies time.

Ebay is notorious for siding with buyers so even people like Sally and Joe Simpson are able to manipulate the system and win. Even though my friend lost, she considered it a win for standing up to these idiots and not making it any easier for them to cheat.

Sally simpson roanoke IN image

Here is a photo of the speakers before sending it to simpson_sally1. In the claim they stated that there was no evidence of any damage done during shipping and that it arrived in the damaged state pictured below.

Sally simpson roanoke IN image

Here is one of the photos Sally and Joe uploaded in the case more than 2 weeks after receiving it. You can see the cone on the black speaker is ripped off, the wiring is removed and the screwheads on the black speaker are in slightly different positions. They claimed it arrived that way. NO seller in their right mind would send a speaker looking like that! It would only create problems for them.

Sally simpson roanoke IN image

Here is a close up of the damage done to the speaker. Any reasonable person (not employed by Ebay at least) can see that Joe foolishly tried to tear the speaker out by force and ruined it. Luckily he was able to lie to Ebay about it and get a full refund at my friends expense. He even said during the claim that he was a Pastor at a church! I think it is safe to say that neither Joe or Sally Simpson from Roanoke, IN have been to church in a long time.