Roberto Duran vs Thomas Hearns Las Vegas 1984
Thomas “The HitMan” Hearns VS Roberto Duran
June 15, 1984 Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A


I see why Hearns was initially referred to as the cobra, he snapped those jabs, the way a cobra strikes. To top it off his lean physique, and wide lats, made him appear like a cobra.


One thing that most of you don’t even know about this fight is that DURAN was in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 2 weeks before this fight happened, he was play’in in a SALSA BAND IN SANTIAGO, AND THIS GUY DIDN’T EVEN TRAIN FOR THAT FIGHT AGAINST HEARNS…..I PERSONALLY WENT TO SEE HIM PLAY IN THAT JOINT THAT USED TO BE CALLED—-LA CASA DE ARTE, AND DURAN WAS DRUNK AS HELL THAT NIGHT, and 2 weeks later when i saw him get on that ring, i just knew that was going to get killed by TOMMY HEARNS !!!! THIS IS A STORY THAT MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE DON’T EVEN KNOW !!!!!


Hearns knocks out Duran in round two. Later Iran Barkley beats Hearns two times .The first time by knock out.Duran comes back later and BEATS Barkley by decision.Duran floored Barkley in round 11.And Duran won that fight.What other lightweight in history (Duran) has floored a middleweight (Barkley)and gone on to win that belt?(middleweight) .By the way,Barkley is much taller than Duran and has a longer reach.


Waooo pobre Roberto Durán ese derechazo debió haberle quebrado los huesos de la cara, sin embargo, se portó como todo un valiente, jamás se echó para atrás, pero el otro, la Cobra de Detroit, parecía de un peso muy superior, parecía injusta esta pelea por los pesos.

Roberto Duran vs Thomas Hearns

Thomas Hearns vs Roberto Duran

Thomas Hitman Hearns boxing

Roberto Duran boxing Thomas Hearns

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