Photos from Richard Avedon’s series “The American West” featuring portrait work of drifters, miners, cowboys and others from the western United States. It was a six year project that started in 1979 and is considered by some to be his magnum opus.

heliotricity image

avedon american west graphic

avedon american west image

richard avedon graphic

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daniel shams image

daniel shams graphic

sibylline image

sibylline graphic

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blinded by the sun graphic

blinded by the sun image

el oeste americana graphic

el oeste americana image

Avedon Oil Field worker

Avedon open book

photography graphic

photography image

rancher graphic

rancher image

the grey one image

Richard Petra Alvarado Avedon

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avedon foto image

avedon fotos graphic

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Walter Jackson Avedon

avedon self portrait

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