Moondog760 Ebay Problems

Moondog760 sells nice looking stuff on Ebay for cheap. Be aware though, that what you receive may be a bit different from what you believe you are buying and you might be in for a real treat if you engage in any type of dialog with the guy.

A buddy of mine bought a guitar amplifier from Moondog760 not long ago. Moondog760 didn’t ship it for 6 days and gave a bunch of excuses and lied to hide that fact. My buddy showed me some of the emails the guy sent and it was real Jerry Springer shit. Full of bizarre rants, and him venting about other problems he seemed to be having with numerous other Ebayers who he had sold items to.

When the amp arrived almost 2 weeks after the purchase date it had problems which ended up costing my buddy $150 to fix. The whole time Moondog was making promises to send free extra stuff to make up for the fact that it took so long to ship and had issues. He never sent anything though, that was just BS.

Just so you know, you may be tempted by some of the things he is selling, but there are many other people way more worthy of your business.