‘Aisha Arna’out Poems and Poetry. Works of Modern Arab Women Poets.

‘Aisha Arna’out – (Untitled poem)

It troubles me
that water is colorless
air is tasteless
the hymen
is without tears.

The tenderness of thorns
their perpetual renewal
Wounds me:
The neighing of extinct beasts
in my blood
The scream of demons
dead under the trees
of remote shores.

I lay my rough palms
over a man’s foot
a passing stranger
And bless my children
coming forth with the wind
Penetrating through time.

aisha arna'out arab womens poetry

(Untitled poem 2)

She lived
She died
useless cunt
they said, after they knew
fell to my knees
before her corpse
Stripped her
of the shroud
with my nails
wrote on her tombstone

From “Women of the Fertile Crescent – Modern Poetry by Arab Women” Edited by Kamal Boullata

Arab Womens Poetry

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