Hombre, pa' mi ella canta meho k naide, hablamos de un ECO, pfff.
Flamenco scene from Tony Gatlif's film Vengo with singer La Caita

"The singer La Caita performs in the film at an impromptu fiesta Caco gives at a restaurant in Seville, where her rhythms prove so infectious that even policemen join the party. ''La Caita is not just a flamenco singer,'' said Jacques Maigne, an author and Mr. Gatlif's frequent collaborator, speaking by telephone from Almería, Spain. ''She lives the life -- she is flamenca. She's a complete rebel, a wild woman who disappears for weeks on end from her house in the Gypsy quarter of Badajoz, to where no one can find her. She conducts herself with a kind of absolute liberty. All that comes out in her song. It's something beyond technique, something more internal and stronger.'"

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