AC/DC's promo-video for the debut single 'Can I Sit Next To You Girl' (July, 1974).

Note: Before watching this video, do keep in mind that it was Malcom and Angus's idea to get the band to dress up in glam outfits. This was the first direction AC/DC took when they started out. The other three are not entirely to blame. This was the third incarnation of AC/DC with a line-up consisting of Dave Evans (vocals), Angus Young (guitar), Malcolm Young (guitar), Rob Bailey (bass)and Peter Clack (drums).

Dave Evans says the following about the promo-video:
'That is the only video of me with ACDC that I know of. It was shot at The Last Pictue Show in Cronulla which was an old movie theatre converted into a venue. We played there with Sherbet on a couple of occasions too. The venue was closed to visitors at the time so that we could shoot it'.

Like many other AC/DC members Dave, Peter and Rob were kicked out of the band. However, Dave Evans did continue having success with his own band Rabbit (see NZOZ1975 and NZOZ1976) and is still touring and recording.

Trivia: Angus Young was 19 (not 15, like I initially thought he was) and had quit schooling at Sydney's Ashfield Boys High when 'Can I Sit Next To You Girl' was released. Though most people believe the 'A' on Angus' cap is an abbreviation of his name; it in fact, an abbreviation for Ashfield Boys.

Band Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Track: Can I Sit Next To You Girl
Album: non album track
Composed by: Angus and Malcolm Young
Produced by: Harry Vanda / George Young
Label: Alberts Productions
Release Date: July, 1974

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